The System of Things III

RACISM unfortunately is here to stay whether one accept it or not. It is deeply rooted and grounded within the core of our system of government and society. It is the most evil of all the ills taking place on earth today and it began a long time ago.

There have been a lot of things written, read, said, and publicized about racism by the government, different organizations, and by the media who in my opinion hadn't told the general public the complete truth because of their hidden agenda.

In fact, I believe every author who worked for the government that chose to write books about the injustice and corruption that they had seen once they were no longer employed should be held accountable. For those authors are just as guilty for not letting it be known then. They have an ulterior motive.

I believe in order to combat the problem one must accept the fact that racism exists and then do something about it.

Unfortunately there are many good people who have chosen not to do and or say anything. I am not one of those individuals. This book is proof of that. The truth has been written for all to see.

About This Book

This book was actually written about me. I had used the name John D. Robinson as the main character in my other two books titled, " The System of Things I and II". At that time I was still working for the government as a state trooper. I knew my superiors would retaliate against me and would try to terminate me for exposing the truth. Although I had since retired, I decided to continue using the name John D. Robinson.

Unlike my first two books that was written in a worldly manner; this book was written in a way that it could be read in a church. I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to know what really takes place behind the closed doors of our government.

This book was written as a result of the injustice and corruption that I had seen as well as being a victim thereof. It was written in attempt to show that our system of government and society; how great it is in comparison to other nations; it could be better once one understand and realize what our system and society has become due to the zeal to be number one and racism.

Having that being said, I wanted everyone to know that I truly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, the Magna Carta, and the Bill of Rights. Those were some of the reasons why I served my country during a time of war. I joined and wasn't drafted.

This book was written to show that I also believe in our symbol of justice and the mission statement of the Statue of Liberty.

This book was written for the benefit of every human being regardless of the color of ones skin, gender, religion, origin of birth, and or whether one is an ally or foe, or whether one is innocent or guilty; for everyone should be given the same benefits and rights that this country offers.

This book was written especially for the men and women who had chose to get involved in the political process and to those individuals who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement, who live and died taking a stand for justice. Most importantly, I hope this book through the trials and tribulations of John D. Robinson will open your eyes so that one would have a peace of mind in knowing that having faith is the key to surviving physically, mentally, and spiritually; in spite of the negative current events and pandemic taking place in the world today.

Respectfully Yours

Luis E. Sweeney/John D. Robinson


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