Who Cares What You Think? It's All BS Anyway!

We all create stories to explain what we experience. Every shared experience is not necessarily equally shared. The stories we create about our experiences are uniquely our own. So what follows is a little flavor of what's contained within:

In the beginning, sensations were scattered like seeds,

Selectively planting thoughts that reflected our needs.

These thoughts organically blossomed and grew,

Subtly taking root in our evolving point of view.

Interest and focused meditation caused us to think,

Creating ever more imaginative and complex links.

These mental links eventually formed the foundation

For the beliefs that would drive future story creation.

Fertile minds became active laboratories,

Quickly transforming thoughts into elaborate stories.

Thoughts and preferences became the proverbial clay,

Molding and shaping each story in a very special way.

Biases became silent contributors to story creation,

Leading us to share less fact and more interpretation.

Soon it didn't matter whether stories were true,

Only that they had personal value to you.

When later we revisit the stories we created,

We find some are still fresh and others outdated.

But no matter what we feel or others might say,

The reality remains that it's all BS anyway!

The end.


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