Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars is a love story based on two young people, Paul and Sara, who are destined to fall in love. Their love story begins when they were born on the same day, to parents whose friendship started on an Army base years before they were born. They developed a friendship so strong they are more like family than friends. After leaving the Army, Paul and Sara's parents moved them to a small ocean town and bought homes right down the street from each other.

Paul and Sara always felt a strong pull to each other, but they hide their feelings from one another for fear of destroying a deep–rooted friendship.

With the thought of heading in different directions for careers, Sara is off to college to become a teacher, and Paul is off to fire academe to become a firefighter; they found the courage to be bold and took a chance to proclaim their love for one another before they part ways.

It only took one kiss on that fateful night, before leaving for Cancun, to set in motion a turn in their friendship that there is no turning back.

Sara has waited her whole life to be in Paul's arms, and Paul can't believe how lucky he is to call beautiful Sara his. A family vacation together takes a new relationship into a passion fueled romance of true love.

Finding a love so strong, based on a lifetime of friendship, had them speeding to the altar. Even true love can't stop their world from being turned upside down as flashing red and blue lights rip their worlds apart, testing the limits of their love.


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